LOOK NO FURTHER! You will not find a better example of this RV nationwide.

It is perfect for those new to RVing. All conversion and enhancements were professionally installed. You will note the quality in the attached photos, and I encourage you to schedule an in-person visit.

The RV is competitively priced. It will sell prior to the upcoming camping/RV season. I will be honest with you as to whether or not it’s a good fit for you. There are similar RVs available within the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area, but priced much higher with the options included. There are no other Carado Banffs within 400 miles of the Washington, DC area, so if you are interested, please make an appointment to see it soon, otherwise it will be gone.

All your expectations will be exceeded upon inspection of this meticulously (dare I say obsessively?) maintained and pampered, fully documented, low mileage (under 11,000 miles!) RV.

With the Carado Banff, you can come and go as you please with no worry about seeing a no vacancy sign when you are ready to stop for the night! You can easily rotate around the front captain’s chairs, or there are two sofas for kicking back and relaxing. You will enjoy loads of natural lighting through the large picture windows during the day, as well as a scenic view of your choosing when parked. At night, pull the shades and enjoy LED lighting throughout, or enjoy the outside with LED lighting on the huge extended awning. The sofas easily convert to two twins or a king size bed, whichever you prefer. And you will appreciate the rear wet bath for added convenience, as well as a complete kitchen allowing you to cook easily if you choose not to eat out. You will also find the Banff provides adequate storage, so you don’t have to leave anything needed behind! You will find LED lighting throughout

Everything is included, so all you will need are your own sheets, towels and flatware. Plastic storage tubs for under the beds, plastic boxes for overhead storage, all fresh water and waste hoses, electrical connections, custom RV storage cover and many other items are included with the purchase of this RV. Other RV sales may not include these items and will add to your overall purchase price. After the purchase, I will spend several hours with you on educating and informing you of all the particulars of this vehicle.

Although it has a small footprint (it is based on a Ram 2500 ProMaster chassis – same as the US Postal vehicles and Amazon delivery trucks), it is packed with features. Most significantly, it is equipped with a two-burner propane stove, microwave, air conditioner, furnace, hot water heater, kitchen sink and a FULL BATHROOM WITH SINK, TOILET (not compost) AND SHOWER.

Because it has a built-in under-hood generator, two solar panels mounted on the roof and is equipped with two under-chassis lithium batteries, it is designed for boondocking. In essence, RV boondocking is off-the-grid RV travel. Sometimes referred to as “dry camping,” boondocking is any time you camp in your RV without water, sewer, or electrical connections. That can take the form of parking your rig deep in the backcountry or pulling over at a highway rest stop.

Why am I selling? In the midst of the pandemic, my wife and I were determined to visit our newborn (and only) grandchild located in Oakland, California. Unwilling to risk taking a cross-country flight at that time of the pandemic, we ended up purchasing this beauty. Rentals were either too large for our comfort level (having never RVed before), or just not available. We expected to stop for groceries at least once during the seven-day adventure (each direction) but found that the Banff’s tremendous storage capacities fulfilled our needs with stops only for gas and lunch (always on board, or picnicking), and each evening at a reserved campsite. We expected to use the RV for Covid-safe vacationing and future trips to visit the grandchild. When planning our second cross-country trip, my son advised us that he and his wife and child were moving back to DC. Not vacationing as expected, and with the grandchild only 6 instead of 2,840 miles away, we have reluctantly decided to sell the RV.

I urge you to check out all of the specifications online and via YouTube to better understand the full complement of amenities this RV has to offer. Just Google 2018 Carado Banff. In addition to the standard equipment included, additional modifications/ equipment/parts include the following:

1. Fully transferrable extended warranty
2. Front windshield and side window premium tinting (to maintain driver and passenger comfort during hot summer driving conditions) with lifetime/nationwide transferrable warranty
3. Upgraded radio with extra-large 10.1-inch touch screen, remote control and integrated back-up camera – Apple Car Play and Android capable
4. Mobile phone holder with Apple plug (convertible to other phones with standard USB plug)
5. Marine-rated upgraded Polk two-way in-door speakers (supplementing existing tweeters)
6. Leather-wrapped steering wheel
7. Fully carpeted front cabin protected by Weather Tech floor mats
8. Wheel levels (never used!)
9. Extra sewer hose (never used!)
10. Full custom RV cover (used for two winterization seasons)
11. Carpeted cabin mats
12. Stove-top cover/cutting board
13. Toilet brush
14. Wooden spa shower floor cover
15. Bathroom mirror frame
16. Toiletry storage
17. Exterior bug covers for furnace and hot water heater
18. Hot water winterization kit
19. Fresh water filter
20. Refrigerator tension bars
21. Box of spare fuses (never used!)
22. Arrival and departure checklists
23. Door and drawer safety latches
24. TV strap
2018 Carado Banff Specifications

• Manufacturer: Erwin Hymer (one of Europe’s largest makers of recreational vehicles )
• GVWR: 8900 lbs.
• Wheelbase: 159?
• Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 4072 lbs.
• Engine(s): Ram 3.6L Gas
• Fuel Capacity: Std 24
• Transmission(s): Automatic 6-spd 62 TE
• Cargo carrying capacity: 4828 lbs.
• Axle ratio: 3.86:1

• Ext dimensions (lxwxh): 19’6″x6’7″x9’5″
• Interior height: 6’3″
• Furnace: Std (1) 16,000 BTU
• A/C: Std (1) 11,000 BTU
• Solar-power system: Included
• Primary insulation: Spun Fiberglass
• Satellite TV system: Std Pre-Wired
• LP gas capacity: 9 gal
• Std. floor covering(s): Vinyl
• Freshwater capacity: 17.6 gal
• Std. window covering(s): Day-Night Pleated Shades
• Stove: 2 burners
• Waste-water capacity: 23.1 gal
• Water-heater capacity: Std 6
• Microwave: Std
• Beds: King/Single 2
• Refrigerator: Std Norcold 3.1
• Bath: Wet Bath
• Generator: Under hood 280 amp
• Inverter: Std 2,000
• Options Included: EcoTrek 200 lithium power module, 22-inch flat-screen HDTV on rotating bracket

Sleeps 2 Length 19 ft 6 in
Ext Width 6 ft 7 in Ext Height 9 ft 5 in
Int Height 6 ft 3 in Gross Weight 8900 lbs.
Cargo Weight 1198 lbs. Fresh Water Capacity 17.6 gals
Grey Water Capacity 23.1 gals Black Water Capacity 23.1 gals
Tire Size LT225/75R16E Furnace BTU 16000 btu
Fuel Type Gasoline Engine 3.6L V6
Chassis Ram ProMaster 2500 Horsepower 280 hp
Fuel Capacity 24 gals Wheelbase 159 in
Torque 260 ft-lb Refrigerator Type 12V
Refrigerator Size 3.1 cu ft Cooktop Burners 2
Number of Awnings 1 LP Tank Capacity 5.9
Water Heater Capacity 6 gal Water Heater Type Propane
AC BTU 11000 btu Basement Storage 52.6 cu. ft.
Awning Info 11 1/2′ Manual Gross Combined Weight 11500 lbs.
Shower Type Wet/Bath Shower


March 2, 2019

It’s time to review our Carado Banff campervan. It’s been 6 months since we bought our Carado Banff – a Class B motorhome. We had several opportunities to test it under different weather conditions and on varying lengths trips. Now it’s time to examine the pros and cons of RVing and traveling in a small Class B RV.

Did we make the right decision by purchasing a Class B? Did we choose the right van? Is this type of travel suitable for us?

In this post we’ll reflect on our experiences, share our thoughts on Class Bs in general, and a bit more specifically on the Carado Banff model. We’ll talk about the RVing lifestyle and how we view ourselves within it, and share some lessons, takeaways, and a modest wish list that can enhance future road trips.


The RVing community is very diverse; there are full timers, part timers, and recreational weekend users. There are those who live in an RV out of necessity, those who seek minimalism or a perceived freedom, and those who bring everything they own on the road with them. Some are the adventure-seekers, wanderlust-stricken, romantics, nomads, and recluses. Just like every community and society – you have them all.

RV lifestyle is romanticized, especially on social media that is flooded with idealize photos of eternal bliss driven by RV evangelists.


Where are we in this wide spectrum of RVers? At the moment we are just road trippers. In the past, we went on lengthy car road trips, but setting up camp at night, or finding a hotel that will allow dogs, proved challenging. We wanted more flexibility.

We love road trips, but we also have very little interest in RV parks and resorts. Our idea of bliss is stopping for the night somewhere scenic (and preferably warm) where we can go for a hike or two. We don’t mind having neighbors, but prefer them not right next to us. We may stay in an RV park occasionally, and mostly to fill up and dump, or for hookups in extreme weather if needed. Boondocking proved to be ‘our thing’

So far, we are very happy with our decision to switch from car trips to RVing. Travel is much more relaxed and we did gain the flexibility that we were looking for.


Travel in a Class B camper exceeded our expectations. The size and performance of this type of RV perfectly suits our current needs. We have an affinity to cover distances, sneak in and out of dirt roads, and un-plan our plans on a regular basis. We love that we don’t need to worry about accessibility whether we are in a big city, or boondocking. The only thing that inhibits us from going everywhere is that we don’t have a 4X4 vehicle. Perhaps this is a good thing – can you imagine the mischief and trouble we would get into?

When we started our search for an RV, having off-road capabilities was fairly high on our list. We considered getting something bigger and tow a jeep, or have a 4X4 truck and tow a small trailer, but agreed very quickly that we want one independent unit. This left us with two options: a campervan, or a camper truck.

Direct access from the cabin to the coach was paramount for us, so a camper truck was crossed off the list as well (unless we chose one of the big ones). We were left with the motorhome option and just needed to decide on how small.


Class B seemed to be the best choice for us and went with the Carado Banff, the second smallest unit available. Size-wise it is a bit tight inside, but we did make the mental and physical adjustments and after a few trips we are completely used to it. Having said that, once we retire (it will happen!), and if we do end up spending several straight months in the van, we may reevaluate our needs and consider an upgrade based on the changes.


We chose the Carado Banff mainly because of its layout: the bathroom in the back and not behind the driver and the option of the 2 twin beds that required no setup, or the minimal effort to set up the king-sized bed if we wanted to do that. The price was attractive as well (attractive is a relative term…the cost was our biggest compromise in this process and we ended up spending a lot more than we originally planned to), but a Carado Banff unit that is outfitted with an under-hood generator, lithium batteries, and solar panels was much cheaper than other models with similar options that had a less preferred floor plan.

The Carado Banff is built on the Dodge ProMaster chassis. This review includes our impressions of performance, some features that we like, fuel economy, and comfort – all in all it exceeded our expectations.

• handles well: easy to drive, park, and maneuver
• has a very tight turn
• excellent on very steep grades – both up and down hill.
• excellent front, sides, and rear visibility and the side mirrors cover the blind spot well
• very stable
• front wheel drive (the next best thing after 4 wheel/all-wheel drive
• very agile for its size
• excellent fuel economy
• decent back up camera
• super comfortable to sit for long drives
• wider than other Class Bs
• although a big chunk of cash, it is one of the more affordable vans in the market

• could have been a bit higher off the ground for better clearance
• no lane assist, auto high beams, or adjustable cruise control
• a bit of road noise
• like other tall body vans, winds need to be taken into consideration when driving

This section reflects our experience with comfort, quality, systems, and ease of use of the RV conversion part of van.

• very functional floor plan that with small modifications works for us very well
• heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are all very effective
• tanks capacity (water, black/grey, and propane) allows for 4-5 days of boondocking before filling/dumping.
• having both propane and electricity allows for versatile use depending on camping style
• the Ecotrek system that integrates the under-hood generator, lithium batteries, and solar panels works really well and there is hardly any need for shore power
• there is ample storage; it is actually more than we need
• the privacy/blackout shades are easy to install at night and are very effective
• mosquito screen on sliding door works very well
• the bed is comfortable and easy to assemble, both as a king-size or as 2 twin beds. We found no need for mattress toppers
• several options to set up the 2 tabletops
• abundance of plugs and USB outlets throughout
• spacious bathroom

• quality control of installation can be improved – we hear that this is an industry-wide issue
• the controls for the EcoTrek systems are rudimentary
• some features are not easily accessible (Balmar, propane gauge, latch on sliding door window)
• no mosquito screen on back door
• one of the swivel chairs cannot turn all the way around because of an obstruction

Here’s a modest wish list of some things we would still like to have
1. off-road capabilities
2. composting toilet – still debating
3. a tiny little bit more space
4. spare tire and carrier
5. find a way to turn the driver’s seat all the way around
We were able to work though the list and either upgrade, or problem-solve most of the issues.


Overall, the experience, lifestyle, and the campervan itself mostly exceeded our expectations and we are very happy with our choice.


2018 Carado Banff

condition: like new

cylinders: 6 cylinders

drive: fwd

fuel: gas

odometer: 10429

paint color: white

rv type: class B

size / dimensions: 19’6″x6’7″x9’5″

title status: clean

transmission: automatic

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