Selling a stock 2007 Honda Ruckus and a 2013 IceBear Maddog that needs some love.

Please read the entire ad before reaching out. I do my best to be as transparent as possible so you know what you’re getting into, and to avoid having to answer the same questions repeatedly.

Update: Since I’ve gotten close to 10 contacts in the first couple hours asking to only buy the Ruckus, sure lets entertain this.

Ruckus only: $2200
Maddog only: $800
Buy both: $2500

A few things first:
– These were only being sold together but reading comprehension is hard, apparently.
– Both of them are 100% legit and legal. I have clean VA titles in my name along with current plates/registration on both.
– Typical ‘ran when parked’ situation. They’ve both been sitting for about 6 months now. Batteries are dead.


I bought both of these last year with the intention of riding around NOVA with my chick but it just never ended up happening. Priorities change and I’d rather someone enjoy them than letting them sit around for „eventually“.


The Ruckus

I bought the Ruckus first as the initial intention was to get Rucks for both of us. I picked it up from someone in DC who had a couple scooters. It’s all stock and ran/rode great, but after a few outings I quickly realized that 50cc wasn’t gonna cut it for my big ass self. So I decided this one was for my chick and I started looking for another one.

I have done 0 work to the Ruckus as it never gave me any issues and ran/rode fine.

– The rubber portions of the rear blinkers are cracking, causing them to go flaccid. I got them back into place with a few wraps of electrical tape, but wanna be transparent.

Extra Parts:
– I bought a couple different variator and roller weights as I read you can get better acceleration/top end if you find the right combo for your weight. Never got around to installing them so they’re still BNIB.
– I might have a couple other little things I bought for it, just need to check storage.


The Maddog

I started looking for a gy6 swapped Ruckus so I could actually make it up hills. I bought this one under the impression it was a Ruckus as the seller stated and I didn’t do enough research at the time to tell the difference. I figured out it wasn’t a Ruckus in the following days and all the seller said was ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I was a little disappointed but It was already gy6 swapped, stretched and ran, so meh, good enough for me. From what I remember it’s a long case gy6. I figured out the exact model number at one point but have since forgot. I also have the title for the scooter the gy6 came out of if that’s a thing in the state you live in.

Work I’ve done. This was all towards the end of last year.
– Re did the fuel setup from the tank to the carb as the old hoses were starting to show little cracks. Used brand new clear tubing, new hose clamps, new fuel filter, new in line fuel cut off and disassembled/cleaned out the carb.
– Oil change.
– New intake filter.
– New spark plug.
– New ignition coil.
– New levers.
– Replaced the kick starter assembly with a like new one.
– Replaced the CVT case cover with a new one.

I also cleaned up the wiring some to get the blinkers working. I was really trying to get this thing set up for regular riding.

– The chassis/VIN is a 50cc scooter so you can avoid being forced to register it as a motorcycle in states that enforce that.
– Already has a running gy6 swap.
– Recent tune up.

– The biggest issue in my opinion is that one of the two exhaust bolts is broken off in the head. I bought it like this and of course the previous owner didn’t mention it. I tried the basic heat plus trying to inch it with numerous tools but I couldn’t get it to budge. The bolts still protruding so it’s workable. I didn’t want to take the motor off the scooter and I couldn’t find a local shop that wanted to do it so it’s still in there.

– The wiring is gross, for lack of a better word. I’m guessing they probably did the minimum necessary to get the gy6 swapped and running. Major things work like the head/tail lights and I got the blinkers working but things like the horn and electric starter do not. I planned on buying a replacement harness or taking the whole thing off and re doing it but never got around to it. I found the stock wiring diagram for the Maddog which I can provide if need be.

– The battery box retaining clips are broken, so the previous owner drilled holes around it and secured it with zip ties. Think drift stitching.

– Only has one original cluster gauge on it for the speedometer IIRC. Can’t remember if it works.

– The stretch kit looks like a pretty basic one, and there’s some sort of logo on it, but the welds on the mounting brackets look like they were done by an apprentice. They definitely work, and those brackets aren’t going anywhere, but it looks like someone’s 4th attempt at MIG welding.

– I was told the rear wheel is actually a front wheel. I have no clue and it rode fine.

Extra Parts(not installed):
– I bought a used gy6 exhaust for it but that stuck bolt prevented me from installing it.
– I bought a bunch of stock Maddog parts like the front bar assembly, the rear bracket/bar assembly that the exhaust/2nd shock bolts to and the stock triple gauge cluster. I think I also have an uncut front end harness.
– New LED strip brake light with integrated blinkers.
– 2x New LED strip front DRL/turn signal blinkers, switchbacks.
– 2x New LED license plate lights.
– New curved, side mounted license plate bracket.
– New exhaust bolts and gaskets kit.

I think that’s it for the Maddog. Outside of the few annoying issues I was actually starting to like the ratchet-ness of it and I hope it’s kept alive and ridden, but that fate it up to the next owner.


I was starting and riding them around my neighborhood once a week but got caught up with other projects and they eventually ended up just sitting.

I feel like they’d be perfect for:
– Someone wanting that 75-100mpg.
– An individual or couple wanting to get into scooting.
– A parent/child project.
– A scooter enthusiast who could save the Maddog and get a nice Ruckus at the same time.
– Someone wanting to build a gy6 Ruckus.
– Someone who wants a cheap Ruckus and just sells the Maddog.


Sale conditions. If you’re unable to agree to all of the following, we can’t do business, sorry.
– All sales are final.
– All transactions will be conducted solely with cash. USD bills only.
– All vehicles are sold as-is with no warranties expressed or implied.
– All titles will be signed by the seller and buyer, dated, in ink. No open titles, no exceptions.
– All vehicles will have their license plates/registrations removed prior to being sold.


Asking $2500 which I think is fair based on what Ruckus’ are going for by themselves.


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