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new display model and scratch ‘n dent full size refrigerators
never used or installed includes manufacturer’s warranty
door panel kits sold separately unless noted in description below
prices are firm
images in order of listing:

2-Way AC/LP
$950 Norcold Polar NA8LXR 8 cu ft RH 23.5″W x 24″D x 59.875″H
$950 Dometic Americana II DM2672RB1 6 cu ft RH 24″W x 24″D x 53.75″H
$950 Norcold Polar NA8LXFL 8 cu ft Flush Mount RH 23.5″W x 24″D x 59.875″H
$950 Dometic Americana II DM2872RBX 8 cu ft RH 24″W x 26″D x 60″H
$950 Dometic Americana Plus DM2882RBX 8 cu ft RH 24″W x 24″D x 60″H
$950 Norcold Polar NA10LXR 10 cu ft Flush Mount RH 23.5″W x 24″D x 59.875″H
$1000 Norcold 2118 PolarMax™ 18 Cu. Ft. w/SS Doors 36″W x 24″D x 69″H
$2000 Norcold 1210IM Ultraline 12 cu ft w/Ice Maker 32.68″W x 24″D x 63.25″H
$2000 Norcold 1210SS Ultraline 12 cu ft w/SS Door Panels 32.68″W x 24″D x 63.25″H
$2500 Norcold 1210 Ultraline 12 cu ft 32.68″W x 24″D x 63.25″H (NEW)

​3-Way AC/DC/LP
$950 Norcold Polar NA7LX.3R 7 cu ft RH or LH 23.5″W x 24″D x 52.875″H
$950 Norcold N4150A 5.3 cu ft Grey Doors LH 20.75″W x 23″D x 49″H
$950 Norcold Polar NA8LX.3R 7 cu ft RH 23.5″W x 24″D x 59.875″H

Refrigerator Cooling Units:
$650 Norcold 634747 Cooling unit only fits 1210/2118 New in box
$650 Dometic 3313470.008 Cooling Unit only fits DM2852/DM2862/NDM1062 New in box

12V DC only:
$950 Dometic Polar DMC4101L 10 cu ft LH SS Door 24″W x 27.5″D x 59.625″H
$800 Dometic DMC2841 8 cu ft DC Compressor Cooling RH 23″W x 25″D x 64″H #1
$950 Furrion Arctic ™FCR10DCGTA 10 cu ft 11amp SS Door RH 24.25″W x 25.75″D x 60.25″H
$950 Norcold N10DCBSSR 10 cu ft Stainless Steel Door RH 23.5″W x 24″D x 59.875″H
Across from Beckley’s Camping Center
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condition: new

fuel: other

rv type: other

transmission: other

6830 Putman Road near Route 15